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Anony Sender

Using NextJS, NextAuth, Prisma, tRPC & Postres - from start to finish. The App is called Anony Sender and it is a simple platform for sending anonymous messages to your friends. It's a simple way to send messages to your friends without revealing your identity.

  • NextJs
  • Prisma
  • Postgres
  • NextAuth
  • tRPC


I've worked with a range a technologies in the web and mobile development world. From Back-end To Design

  • Front-End

    Experiece with
    React.js, and Vue.js

  • Back-End

    Experience with
    Node, C# and Databases

  • UI/UX

    Experience with
    tools like Adobe XD

About Me

I am Johannes "Stallion" Mogashoa, a 21 year old Full Stack Developer that takes pride in being a young developer with the capabilities of playing in the big leagues and excelling. I am a lover of challenges, growth and evolution. I eat bugs, breathe issues and shred code. Ever since joining this incredible community, I have always been keen on giving back, mentoring and assisting whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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